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If you find yourself caught between endless Wikipedia publishing rules and implementation necessary to appear in search results, then look no further. At Wiki Proficiency, we help meet your profile’s eligibility criteria and work on the requirements to clear the very first review. With our specialized Wikipedia marketing services, we help evaluate your brand’s digital presence and overall repute.

Wikipedia Eligibility Criteria at a Glance

Check Eligibility Eligible Ineligible
Significance Coverage on Credible News Platform
Articles on Third-party Credible Websites
Mention on Industry Related Articles
Good Social Media Following
Good Number of Hits on Google Trends

Eligible Status

Much of the eligibility criteria when it comes to Wikipedia relies on the reliability of the information provided. A mere mention in an article just doesn’t cut it anymore, on the other hand, a full feature on your brand is considered to be more of an authentic reference. Quality and quantity both are crucial when providing references for your profile page and play an important role in its approval.

It is important to note that Wikipedia gives preference to primary sources and such sources are likely to be the ones written by users who are directly related to the piece itself.

Ineligibility Mistakes

With facts and sources that are not relevant to your brand, a case is automatically considered ineligible. One of the top reasons why people fail to get their Wikipedia profile is the lack of credible and primary references. Another unacceptable move is to choose to add Wikipedia references in your article. Wikipedia does not approve references from a within-platform article.

It is important to understand the dos and don'ts itself before submitting your page for evaluation which helps to improve the odds for publication.

Marketing Plan

Wikipedia is without a shadow of a doubt, the most effective marketing tool at your disposal in today’s digital landscape. It has also repeatedly surfaced that as a brand, if you can manage to get your Wikipedia listing published, it automatically paves the way to the verification of various other social media platforms. And above all, it helps to authenticate the overall repute of your company.

With endorsement of Wikipedia content, your brand can reach new heights of visibility online and create massive trust with your potential audience.

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